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Crystal & Gifts

A traditional way of decorating on crystal or glass products. The logo is etched or sandblast onto the surface leaving an impression. It can be done on the front but more often on the back for better appreciation of its clarity.


Interior Engraving (3D or 2D)

A most amazing decorating method for crystals.  The logo is engraved inside the crystal product with numerous micro laser dots to form a 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional image.

For minimal additional costs, ACRO can "float" your required logo or image inside a crystal to achieve a spectacular visual effect. Please call us for a quote.
Laser Engraving

Laser engraved logos show a relatively subtle visual effect especially on stainless steel, aluminum or solid wood products.  It will create a classy and elegant look which is appropriate for corporate gift or premium incentive purpose.  Laser engraving can also be done on glass surfaces.


Screenprinting or padprinting are the most common forms of decoration.  It can be applied on most kinds of material such as metal, glass, vinyl, wood and rubber.